Still recovering from the wild ride that was the recent federal election? 🙋🏽‍♂️ See our top picks for TV political dramas to take your mind off the real-life drama going down in Parliament House.


Created by Shonda Rhimes, Scandal is an American political thriller starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, the head of a crisis management firm based in Washington DC. Partially based off of the real-life experiences of a former White House press aide to US President George H. W. Bush who serves as an executive producer on the show, ‘Scandal’ explores the dramas of the US political scene, including affairs, cover-ups and spies. You’re right, ~super~ different from reality. 😅

Designated Survivor

Focusing on the experience of a designated survivor, Kiefer Sutherland stars as Thomas Kirkman, the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Kirkman suddenly finds himself President of the United States following an explosion at the State of the Union that kills everyone ahead of him in the line of succession. While this predicament may sound comical, Designated Survivor follows Kirkman as he navigates the ins and outs of suddenly finding himself in one of the most powerful positions in the world, while working out the truth behind the attack. Intrigue, chaos and drama – what more could you ask for?

The West Wing

Ranked as one of the best TV dramas of all time, the West Wing is an American serial political drama set in the White House. Following the fictitious Democratic administration of Josiah Bartlet, the show features extensive discussion of contemporary political issues from the ‘90s. During the second and third seasons of the show, it features a scandal regarding President Bartlet’s non-disclosure of his multiple sclerosis, highlighting some similarities to the Clinton Administration’s handling of the Monica Lewinsky affair. Other issues tackled in the show include US involvement in the Middle East, 9/11 and the 2001 Anthrax attacks. With 7 seasons to burn through, there’s more than enough excitement and political intrigue to keep you busy this weekend.

The Good Fight

A spin-off of the hit TV show, ‘The Good Wife,’ The Good Fight stars the inimitable Christine Baranski, Rose Leslie and Cush Jumbo as lawyers at one of Chicago’s preeminent law firms, Reddick, Boseman & Kolstad. Here they tackle contemporary real-world issues, including police brutality, the alt-right, the Me Too Movement and Trump-era politics. With a large and diverse all-star cast, the show’s refreshing take on female empowerment and racial justice offers a new perspective as they pull plot points straight from the news headlines.


This British psychological thriller follows David Budd, a Police Sergeant suffering from PTSD, as he is assigned as the Principal Protection Officer for the ambitious Home Secretary, Julia Montague, a person whose politics he despises. Bodyguard focuses on British politics within the much larger context of the global terrorist threat. Complete with car chases, suspense, mind-blowing plot twists and steamy chemistry look no further for your dose of politically-charged action.

Madame Secretary

The show follows US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) as she balances international diplomacy and government protocol with office politics and family drama. Based off of the experiences of the three female Secretary of States the US has had, Madame Secretary covers such issues as US tensions with Russia, the leaking of covert operations and stand-downs with Mexico. This action-packed show is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Stressed from all the recent talks of politics? We give you permission to kick back this weekend and immerse yourself in the thrilling suspense and non-stop action of one (or all) of these shows. Still feeling anxious? See our recent blog on one useful tip to reduce stress, politics related or otherwise.