Want to be more politically engaged but are at a loss for how?  Podcasts are a great way to skip the ads and cut out the fake news.

See our list of six podcasts that provide independent insight and coverage on Australian politics so you’re all ready to go the next time an election rolls around.

1/ The Party Room – ABC RN

With an average of 5 stars out of 5 from 1,966 (and counting!) reviews, RN Breakfast’s Fran Kelly and RN Drive’s Patricia Karvelas come well equipped with the credentials to keep you informed on your commute to work. Offering an unbiased and knowledgeable perspective of the specific issues happening in Parliament House, their analysis will keep you up to date on all things political.

2/ Triple J’s Hack

Unlike many other news and current affairs programs, this podcast caters specifically to our nation’s young people and the unique issues facing them today. Social media means that more Australian youth than ever are switched on and politically aware, and Hack succeeds in giving the people what they want.

3/ Australian Politics Live Podcast

In this political podcast, Katharine Murphy and the political team at Guardian Australia deep dive into Australian politics. Focussing on stories that emerge from behind the news, the team provides a clear breakdown of how mainstream political stories fit within the bigger picture of Australian society. Look no further for your weekly dose of how what’s happening in Canberra will affect you!

4/ Q&A

Who knows better about the issues facing average Australians than your average Australian? This podcast is an audio recording of the popular televised discussion panel that holds weekly debates on topical Australian issues. It’s unique perspective gives Australians the opportunity to directly question and hold politicians to account in a national public forum. If #Qanda isn’t already a part of your regular podcast rotation, it definitely needs to be.

5/ Democracy Sausage with Mark Kenney

All delicious, edible goods aside, join Mark Kenney, in collaboration with political experts and researchers from the Australian National University, in this specialist podcast dedicated purely to the issues in the recent federal election and its fallout. Follow him along the 2019 campaign trail and beyond as he analyses and explains the key issues that faced the major political parties, such as health, taxes and what exactly Clive Palmer had to do with any of this.

6/ AM

AM Journal Sabra Lane and her team offer unbiased insight into the lives of Australians and the major issues facing them today, both here at home and abroad. Better yet, you have the option to listen to the full 30 minute synopsis of the day’s news or listen to 3 minute long bite-sized versions of the news stories. Never again will you have to choose between listening to your 30 minute long podcast and your 22 minute walk to work 😅 #firstworldproblems.

Australian politics can be stressful, but by staying informed you can be sure to make the right decision for you the next time you’re walking into a polling booth. Still feeling tense? See our blog for how to effectively manage stress, both politically-induced and otherwise.